Harbinger Sound are quick off the mark in 2018

Quick off the mark in 2018 is Harbinger Sound releasing five new albums in January and February respectively…


Kanker Kommando, Low Tech 1982-88, Vinyl LP.

First up is Kanker Kommando – Low Tech 1982-88.

Due to land 12th January 2018.

Compiling both released and previously unreleased material from the eighties, Kanker Kommando’s Low Tech 1982-1988 is a revelatory retrospective, shining a light on one of Belgium’s best kept secrets.

Forming in 1980 as a punk group, influenced by English post-punkers Swell Maps, Kanker Kommando quickly evolved, and by 1982 they were fully invested in making experimental music on primitive electronics. Their music was free of traditional boundaries, and reflected the grimness of their times, which resulted in a deteriorating, roughly-hewn sound.

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Heavy Metal, The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock, Gold Vinyl LP.


Next up is Heavy Metal and their new album, the catchy titled ‘The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock’

You don’t just ‘throw this record on’ , you put the needle down and watch it happen. Staring at it distrustfully all the while. These Berlin mystics have collected the spare parts from their fleet of wrecked punk vehicles and jammed them together to form this twisted taunting monster.

Pop culture references abound. The lyric sheet reading like the musings of a modern day Dan Tracey if he were a speedhead instead of a smackie. When the whole thing’s done you’re gonna pick it up , pull it towards your face and back a few times as if it were a Magic Eye you were suddenly gonna ‘get’, then put it down and come back with a friend ” – Onton Nordberg / Diat.

The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock is the third album from Berlin’s almost mythical band Heavy Metal. Don’t let that name put you off. This is the most sarcastic snotty take on punk rock the modern age is going to throw at you. 12 tracks that are filled with a blatent disregard for everything.

A limited edition on gold vinyl with gold printed sleeve and insert.

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Circuit Breaker, Hands Return To Shake, Vinyl LP.

 3rd up is Circuit Breaker and their second full length album Hands Return To Shake.

Circuit Breaker are a band split in half. On the one hand, there is the jagged guitar and maudlin singing of Peter Simpson, which slots into the lineage of expansive and gothic punk ala Killing Joke , Bauhaus , Wire ,etc. Pushing against it is the production approach of his brother Edward. Washes of glassy FM Synth melodies are counterbalanced with bursts of electronic harshness, recalling artists such as Autechre & Pan Sonic.

Hands Return To Shake is the second full length from the London based group and also their second release for longstanding outlier label Harbinger Sound.

Moving on from the previous record, My Descent Into Capital, Hands Return… is a much more personal and emotive work. Simultaneously a re-affirmation and a deconstruction of influences, the orthodoxies of minimal-synth and post-punk are stretched and squeezed to breaking point.

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  noseholes, danger dance, vinyl lp

4th of February will see the release of Danger Dance sees the debut album from Noseholes.

The album takes the listener on a journey in a scruffy taxi unexpectedly cruising through dirty, muddy streets into a neighbourhood where discotheques are sparsely improvised in shabby basements.

Whilst the LP soundtracks this journey with its disco-infused variety of Post-Punk and No Wave. The album contains groove heavy hits such as Styling, Danger Dance and Lush Box mixed with more experimental songs sung in alien tongues, a No Wave grumble rap and finally a nerve-wrecking saxophone improvisation.

All the tracks offer up a unique take on your grasp of dance music.

“Noseholes are from Hamburg, but do sound straight from New York though” – Trust Mag.

“The minimalism and musical approach of Noseholes reminds me of bands such as Bush Tetras, Contortions, Shopping and Nachthexen” – X-Mist Records

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Ceramic Hobs, Black Pool Legacy,  Harbinger Sound, Double Vinyl LP. 


Last but certainly no means least is Black Pool Legacy from Ceramic Hobs. Double Vinyl LP is due for release on 9th February.

The Ceramic Hobs are the band in the corner of the old man’s pub round the back of the venue getting drunk before they either a) slay your senses with a mind boggling set of punk inspired psychedelia or b) fall over screaming and fighting.

They make The Fall look as stable as U2 and the Butthole Surfers as mainstream as R.E.M. They’re from Blackpool and have been going since 1985.

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