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‘Trouble In Mind’ Brand Spankers

Trouble In Mind…..the label that brought us such delights in 2017 like Sandgrown, the brilliant debut album by Jack Cooper and the wonderful Multi Task by Omni…..will be releasing two new albums, due to land on 9th of February 2018

SALad boys, this is glue, pink vinyl lp, vinyl lp, cd

First up is the new release from Salad Boys and their new album This Is Glue. Available on Limited Edition Pink Vinyl, Standard Black Vinyl and CD.

After the success of their debut, Metalmania released back in 2015, Salad Boys have been back into the home studio building up the second album. The Kiwi three-piece will be bringing you This Is Glue early in 2018 but for now we get this placid passed tune “Exaltation”, which is a solid track that shows how good they are and how great they are going to be, honing in on rolling riffs and broody vocals. Get your ears around this little beauty and see what you think.

“This Is The Glue” is available to pre order here……..

Sunwatchers, II, Rainbow Splatter Vinyl LP, Std Vinyl, CD. 

Next up is Sunwatchers – II, also due to be released on 9th February. The album will be available on Limited Rainbow Splatter Vinyl, Standard Black Vinyl and CD.

Brooklyn punk-inspired jazz quartet Sunwatchers released their debut album in 2015, and now they’re back with the announcement of a forthcoming follow-up — Sunwatchers II. The first song they’ve shared ahead of the release may be called “Silent Boogie,” but it’s anything but silent. It’s also not wholly unfamiliar.

The saxophone-driven “Silent Boogie” (listen below), is full of the jagged edges and raw energy Sunwatchers has come to be known for. It’s also packed with political consciousness; even in the absence of lyrics, the band’s frustration is palpable. Sunwatchers have articulated that sentiment in a statement that accompanies the release:

“We are leftists; across the spectrum, yes — abolitionist syndicalist; democratic socialist; antiviolent-resistance advocate; horrified father with a sad eye for his son to the imperiled future — but leftists, all, and we feel that human existence is endangered by capitalism and its inexorably violent, exploitative and objectively harrowing means, methods and endgames…We are musicians, and we will leave political specifics to those more qualified than we are.”

“Sunwatchers II” is available to pre order here….




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