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Pablo’s Choice – Record Of The Week 12/01/2018

A New Year brings new music and a new record of the week. Kicking off 2018 the first Pablo’s Choice record of the week is the brilliant debut by Shame –  Songs of Praise. Released via Dead Oceans.

  Available to buy here now….

Shame have long since earned a reputation as one of the most exciting, visceral, feral live experiences in the country. The South London wrecking crew’s live shows boast an incredible intensity, a sense of risk, of daring, a feeling that this could all end, all collapse within seconds – but, somehow, it doesn’t.
Replicating that on record was always going to be a difficult feat, so let’s get this out of the way first: They’ve completely blown the competition out of the water, producing one of the most thrilling, intoxicating, ludicrously entertaining British guitar records in an age.
‘Dust On Trial’ is the perfect opener, a poised, preening introduction rooted in that devil-may-care riff and Charlie Steen’s roaring, belching vocal. Every line feels like a mini-manifesto, screamed from someone used to be kicked out to the sidelines. Shame grab their revenge in fine style, ‘One Rizla’ aching with defiance as Steen shouts: “You can choose to hate my words… but do I give a fuck?”
Recorded in just 10 days in Welsh base Rockfield Studios, the intensity of those sessions leads to a thrilling, at times overwhelming experience. Production duo Local Hero – noted more for their association with electronic music, it has to be pointed out – lend each track a freshness, a feeling that this is all unfolding for the very first time.
But virginal is hardly a verb that could be tossed into their pathway. ‘The Lick’ opens with a visit to the gynaecologist, as “the stale smell of silicon clung to the wall”, and the sheer raunch, the physicality of Shame’s sound hints at outright debauchery and deviant behaviour in the sweat-pits of the night. Read the full 9/10 album review by Clash Magazine Here

Tracklisting, Shame, Songs Of Praise

1. Dust On Trial
2. Concrete
3. One Rizla
4. The Lick
5. Tasteless
6. Donk
7. Gold Hole
8. Friction
9. Lampoon
10. Angie



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