Pablo’s Choice – Record Of The Week 16/02/2018

Pablo’s Choice – Record Of The Week for 16/02/2018 – The stonking debut by  The Orielles Silver Dollar Moment released via Heavenly Recordings


With debut single ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ – a shape-shifting, eight-and-a-half minute journey through the esoteric backwaters of post-punk and ESG-esque dance beats – Halifax trio The Orielles marked themselves out as a confident and original proposition. The kind of ballsy opening statement that immediately pricked up the ears of chin-stroking musos and young ‘uns wanting to bust a move simultaneously, it showed the group as a curious bunch inhabiting a musical sphere far removed from their early-20-something peers.  DIY Mag

A Silver Dollar Moment, in The Orielles’ own terms, is one of those moments in life when everything unexpectedly comes together and just feels right. This album feels right, albeit in a splendidly enigmatic, frequently intangible manner. As a debut, it shows the band to be three wise cultural connoisseurs, ready to engage the heart and the head in equal measure.
What you can say for definite is that the members of this Halifax-based trio have spent their relatively few years on Planet Pop gathering an impressive and eclectic range of influences. This album shape-shifts consistently, never easy to pigeonhole. Always up for a challenge, though, I shall try to shoehorn it into a C86 slot, plus elements of Tallulah-Gosh-meets-Chapterhouse, then with a touch of Sonic Youth thrown in. 8/10 Louder Than War Mag

The Orielles continue to charm with their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment.
A record that, for the most part, delivers on the promise of its insanely young creative team, Silver Dollar Moment is stylishly packed with familiar, and more groundbreaking fare – an unpolished Yorkshire diamond just waiting to be displayed.
We’ve been watching the uninterrupted progress of The Orielles for more than a year now. Charmed by the ballsy decision to release a bruising, near 9-minute long debut single (‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’) and onwards, through a succession of well-received follow ups and a busy touring schedule, the band have steadily developed a committed critical consensus as Ones To Watch. The 405

Historically Heavenly Records has a knack for unearthing melodic, tuneful indie pop gems. The last few years has seen artists like Hooton Tennis Club and DRINKS put out lovely records, daydreams that waft into actuality and onto the 6music A-list. While these sounds have been pleasant and eternally unobjectionable, there comes a time when enough is enough, and inoffensive indie pop becomes tiring. However, The Orielles’ ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ is not that time – a debut album with the potential to charm even the most jaded cynics.

Backseat Mafia recently interviewed Halifax band The Orielles following the release of a couple excellent singles in anticipation of their debut album, “Silver Dollar Moment” due out on 16 February 2018. We’ve had a listen to the album and it really is an extraordinary debut.
Sweet harmonies over a scuzzy layer of instruments is not new in the world of indie rock, but in “Silver Dollar Moments”, The Orielles manage to upend expectations at every turn through surprising timing, creative use of instrumentation and intelligent, thoughtful lyrics. Above all though, there are melodies and harmonies that soar.
Take, for example, second track on the album, “Old Stuff” with its rolling insistent bass which has a break in the middle that would fit into any Latin dance party anthem replete with trills and whistles – something only an experienced indie band like Doves would have the audacity and confidence to try. And The Orielles have audacity and confidence by the tonne. Third track “Sunflower Seeds” has the most beautiful, uplifting chorus and yet has ambitious timing changes and subtle shifts that surprise and yet work so well. 9/10 Backseat Mafia

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