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Pablos Choice – Record Of The Week – The Lovely Eggs – This Is Eggland 23/02/2018

This weeks Pablos Choice – Record of the week come from The Lovely Eggs and their stocking new offering This Is Eggland.  Available to Buy Here   


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The retina shredding psychedelic sleeve courtesy of Casey Raymond gorgeously hints at the content of this, the fifth album from Lancaster based husband and wife duo The Lovely Eggs.

The album, once again entirely created by the pair and recorded within a local collective run studio, their own home, and released via their own Egg Records imprint – it’s this total DIY ethos that has allowed them over time to hone their sound to a point where they are now able to release this explosive masterpiece.   Louder Than War

Lancaster pair The Lovely Eggs only get younger, and now that spouses Holly Ross and David Blackwell have settled into parenthood they’ve recorded the most vigorous album of their ten-plus years as bandmates.

The latest twist in their quirky saga is the surprise appearance of Dave Fridmann in the role of producer on This is Eggland. The man who has been at the helm of richly textured modern classics by bands such as Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips and Mogwai seems an unlikely candidate to work with an unassuming guitar-and-drums garage punk duo, but perhaps the change of pace was part of the lure. The results seem evident only in hindsight. The Lovely Eggs are still raw, but This is Eggland stacks up layers of rawness, creating the sonic illusion of a band twice their size. The Line Of Best Fit

Northern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs return with a mind-melting new album: This Is Eggland that will hit the street on February 23rd. The album title This is Eggland is a cheeky nod to Shane Meadows’ series, This Is England. It is a comment on the current state of the country, with The Lovely Eggs encouraging people to build their own worlds and create their own reality in these troubled times.
From the left speaker/right speaker/left speaker echoed vocals of Hello I Am Your Sun I’m hooked. The melodic female vocals are matched with an aggressive dirty guitar riff, pounding drums and synthesizer crackles and pops – it is a majestic opening track. With no time to pause, the vocal effects continue with Wiggy Giggy, a song that starts like Goldfrapp and builds into a pounding punk rocker.  Punk Online

Watch the Video For Wiggy Giggy Below



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