Pablos Choice Record Of The Week – 09/03/2018 – Whyte Horse – Empty Words

Pablos Choice Record Of The Week 09/03/2018 Whyte Horses – Empty Words available to buy Here


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Whyte Horses is a project equal parts talented and mysterious.
Debut album ‘Pop Or Not’ arrived in 2016, a record praised by Noel Gallagher and lauded by 6Music for its baroque approach to grey-flecked psych pop.
Follow up record ‘Empty Words’ is carefully constructed but ultimately carefree, a potent return that expands on Whyte Horses’ innovative universe while refining that essential songwriting voice.
Out on March 9th, the album manoeuvres through aural landscapes both lush and sparse, while making room for guest appearances from La Roux, The Go! Team’s Ian Parton, and more.
An enchanting, enthralling record, we’re delighted to be able to stream ‘Empty Worlds’ in full, alongside a full track by track guide from Whyte Horses… Read the full track by track review by Clash Magazine


‘Empty Words’is a seminal collection of stories about love and fear and all that lives between. Told in a timeless fashion, it sounds like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard all at once. A bombastic quasi-Pop opera, the modern-day music aficionado in which Whyte Horses effortlessly pillage traditional songwriting techniques from all around the world and twist them into their own inimitable character. Their use of sophisticated antiquated arrangements juxtaposed with cutting social commentaries are inspired by everything and anything around them, everything is fair game. ‘Empty Words’ features guitar-laden kitchen-sink fantasies of modern-day Cinderellas, crafty fuzzed-out psychedelic rock songs beating down on the zeitgeist and meandering passages that allude to a vague obsession with Twin Peaks – The Return. A record high on originality and wit that could only have been conceived in these bewildering times we live in.  XS Noize


It’s hard to pin psychedelia down. What makes some artists of the form great whilst others are just lukewarm – mere also-rans? Most post sixties versions just don’t seem the real deal.

Either the psychedelic bands are trying too hard or they are just going for one aspect of the sound or mood and so it comes across as flat and playing by numbers. Okay to shuffle along to in a student disco (only if drunk) but a pale imitation of the original. Flux Magazine

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