Pablo’s Choice Record Of The Week 06/07/2018 – Bodega – Endless Scroll

Pablo’s Choice – Record Of The Week – 06/07/2018 is the brilliant debut by Bodega released via Whats Your Rupture?. Available to buy HERE

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After winning over crowds at SXSW and the Great Escape, art punks Bodega come out with all guns blazing on their debut.

With most of its members drawn from the city’s film and art spheres, much of ‘Endless Scroll’ is rooted in New York. Sometimes recalling Frank O’Hara’s ‘I do this, I do that’ poems at their most irreverent, Bodega’s lyrics are at once more socially engaged; on ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’ they don’t just drink smoothies, they remark on how absurd it is that such a fruity concoction costs nine dollars.

Inevitably, the Internet figures too, with lines as droll as “I touch myself while staring at your chat text box” provided by speech synthesis. The group’s “self-critique is the best critique” mantra means they rarely sound catty.

There is a definite note of weariness, though, as on ‘Charlie’. But ‘I Am Not A Cinephile’ is an enjoyable power-chord romp – the group, which previously existed as Bodega Bay, still manage to sound peppy.

‘Endless Scroll’ is 14 snappy, spirited and occasionally incantatory songs. The Parquet Courts comparisons are ineluctable – it was recorded with Austin Brown on the tape machine used for ‘Light Up Gold’, after all – but Bodega can easily stand up on their own on the strength of this…READ MORE


In the venn diagram of Really Good Music, there are records that succeed because of their playful irreverence and the rare skill of being genuinely, properly grin-inducing within the relative confines of a song. There are ones that strike a chord because of their thought-provoking politics; ones that are an impressive document of superlative wordsmithery; ones that make you dance; ones that challenge you. And in the teeny, tiny pocket at the middle of all of these qualities sits ‘Endless Scroll’ – a rare gem that combines all of these strengths in one effortlessly brilliant package.

It’s been barely six months since New Yorkers BODEGA started making ripples on these shores, but in the interim the quintet have been on the receiving end of some of the most excitable muso buzz of recent years. This is no vacuous trumping of the hype machine though. ‘Endless Scroll’ delivers on every count. Produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown, the influence of their city peers’ dry delivery and witty intellect is there in ‘Name Escape’ and lead single ‘How Did This Happen?’, but this is no rip-off.

‘Jack In Titanic’ is a shouty, celebratory paean to the doomed hero; ‘Warhol’ is a deadpan 90-second rumination on the philosophies of the Pop Art king, while ‘I Am Not A Cinephile’ is little more than a series of two repeated erratic notes and needs nothing else. Streamlined and minimal but bursting with intelligence, humour and ideas, BODEGA are the real deal…READ MORE


Named after the NYC equivalent of a corner shop, it’s fitting Bodega’s debut has the essentials covered; wry wit, shrewd observations and a vision of art rock’s finest punk party.

Like, scroll, like, click. From the album title alone, you’d be right in thinking that BODEGA’s Endless Scroll is a bit of a millennial spin. And much like its youthful protagonists, attention span is brief thrashing through the entirety of their debut in just over 30 mins. Our digital dependence is mock-narrated between songs with a Baz Luhrmann-style narrator dishing out pop culture references (The Smiths’ Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now gets a few nods) and budding Oxford Dictionary entries (see: endless scroll).

Name Escape has that existential monologue of Eels’ E as frontman Ben Hozie asks if we’ve ‘heard the latest single from so and so.’ The irony isn’t lost on a group who’ve made a name for themselves on the live circuit since a packed show at SXSW, and enthusiastic airplay from 6 Music. Rightly so, their situationist post-punk artfully captures the monotony of modern age life in rinse-and-repeat riff-fuelled Bookmarks: ‘All day at work, stare at computer / Come home from work, stare at computer / Do my own work, stare at computer / Rest and relax, stare at computer.’…..READ MORE


Endless Scroll is the debut album from buzzy NYC post-punk upstarts Bodega, their sound a mixture of snappy basslines, razor sharp guitars and vocals firmly set to deadpan. The band are gathering hype and praise at a rapid pace, putting them in pole position to be The Next Big Thing.

If this scenario and their music sounds familiar, that is because it is. Their sound closely recalls many of their New York and Brooklyn forebears; if you listen close enough you can hear the ghosts of Parquet Courts and Ought echoing across the record. The record was even recorded by Parquet Courts’ very own Austin Brown and it’s almost impossible to not draw comparisons between the two.

Fortunately, Bodega have something interesting to say and the music is often invigorating and shot through with white hot energy. ‘How Did This Happen!?’ is a bold opener, a familiar sound mixed with a contemporary message with lead singer Ben Hozie rallying against technology, passivity and posers with every spite-flecked movement of his tongue. It’s an iconoclastic start, a call to arms against passively consuming…..READ MORE

Watch the video for ‘Jack In Titanic’ below


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