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Pablo’s Choice – Record Of The Week 13/07/2018 – S/T Mattiel

Pablo’s Choice Record of the Week – 13/07/2018 is the sublime self-titled debut by Mattiel. Released via Heavenly Recordings. Available to buy HERE


The album is superb from start to finish has received great press reviews, don’t just take our word for it, read a few below.

Louder Than War…

Down in the Deep South, something steamy and soulful is cookin’. And it ain’t just jambalaya and gumbo. In the places that gave birth to black music, a new generation of musicians are setting up vintage studios to recreate the techniques and sounds of half a century ago, spawning a new era of southern soul for a millennial audience.

Matthew E White has been doing it with his Spacebomb Studio in Richmond, Virginia, making authentic soul hommages with Nathalie Prass and himself. Five hundred miles away in Atlanta, Georgia, something similar is going on at InCrowd, where Randy Michael and Jonah Swilley are writing, producing and playing a rockier style of southern soul, creating imaginary soundtracks for a Jackie Brown reboot in a studio stuffed with vintage analogue equipment; they even look like Tarantino characters…..READ MORE

When I popped my headphones in for a first listen of Atlanta singer Mattiel’s debut single “Whites of Their Eyes,” I’m pretty sure I held my head higher and puffed out my chest almost immediately. This is the kind of song I would listen to before an important meeting to trick myself into a state of badass confidence. Then I watched the video for the single and the aesthetic is absorbing. It’s crisp, clean, vibrant, and never stops being gorgeous.

Narrative takes a backseat to style, but Mattiel’s soul piercing vocals more than make up for a coherent storyline. Hailing from rural Georgia, Mattiel mixes soulful Americana with slick California sensibilities in a deliciously digestible way in both the single and its accompanying video. Although an indie sound and a Wes Anderson look can be overdone, special touches of tongue-in-cheek moments and self-awareness keeps Mattiel fresh.

The single and video had me hooked. Since then, I’ve moved on to listening to the album end to end. I’ve barely listened to anything else for the past couple of days. The whole album playthrough is cohesive, yet each song has its own distinct energy. There’s hints of twang, as with the song “Salty Words.” There are a lot of heavy drums and guitar, a la Jack White and the Black Keys. “Baby Brother” is jazzy and majorly danceable. And the warm and fuzzy lo-fi quality blends beautifully with Mattiel’s poised talk-shout singing; “Cass Tech” is just one example….READ MORE


With a voice that elicits images of an original female super power, Mattiel Brown offers an album of raucous retro rock and soul, balanced with a gritty contemporary lean. Mattiel is a vocalist who commands her honest lyrics with authority and confidence, perhaps a product of growing up an only child on a 5 acre farm in rural Georgia. Heavily influenced by her creative mom and her mom’s somewhat limited album collection of Donovan, Peter Paul and Mary, and The Monkees, she found a musical sanctuary. Later, as she learned to drive, her car stereo was filled with the sounds of Jack White, and on those solo rides to work, she learned to hone and strengthen her voice, by singing along and dissecting parts of each song. Despite a successful career as an advertising designer for MailChimp, set builder, and illustrator, Mattiel continues to return to music and balances her writing, recording, and touring with her other creative talents.

Releasing her self titled debut album, Mattiel, through Burger Records last fall, she garnished some influential fans. Heavenly Recordings caught wind of her powerful vocal sound and will reissue the release in the UK on July 6th.
The self-titled album is meant for movement, and it would be a tough dare to hold completely still while listening. Not only is her voice a cornerstone for each song, the popping percussions, guitar strum depth, la-la choruses, and the entrance of horns on occasion, make the music timeless. Because of the album’s stretch to a past musical era, each song has a foundation of early rock and roll with leading guitars and a simple dance rhythm beat. It lends itself perfectly for mixing up a long summer vacation drive…rolling down windows, singing-along, and dashboard drumming….READ MORE

Watch The Video For ‘Bye Bye’ Below….


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