Bark Psychosis

Bark Psychosis , Codename,Dustsucker, Fire Records,Double Vinyl LP, CD. 


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Bark Psychosis - Codename:Dustsucker. Released via Fire Records on Double Vinyl LP, CD.  Following the reissue of ‘Hex’ in late 2017, Fire Records reissue Bark Psychosis’ second studio album ‘///Codename:Dustsucker’ (2004) “which finds the band in remarkable form” (Pitchfork). Arriving ten years after...

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Bark Psychosis, Hex, Double Vinyl LP, CD,


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Bark Psychosis, Hex, Double Vinyl LP, CD, Fire Records The recent release of Jeanette Leech’s book Fearless The Making Of Post Rock’ (Jawbone Press) celebrates post rock and its origins. Finding new inspiration, bands were beginning to experiment with techniques as...

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