Modern Studies

Modern Studies , Welcome Strangers , Fire Records , 180g Gatefold Vinyl LP, Std Vinyl LP, CD. 

Welcome Strangers

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Modern Studies - Welcome Strangers. Released via Fire Records  on 180g Gatefold Vinyl LP, Std Vinyl LP, CD.  ‘Welcome Strangers’ is the second record by feral pop outliers Modern Studies. Elegiac and haunted, life-giving and triumphant, this beguiling return digs deep into...

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swell to great, modern studies, frosted vinyl lp, vinyl lp, cd

Swell To Great

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Modern Studies, Swell To Great, Transparent frosted vinyl LP, CD,  printed inner, download card included. There is a calmness in its melancholy, a beauty in its blues. These are songs that see the mystical beyond the material, abstracted folk ballads...

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