The Heads – Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere. Released via Rooster on Double Coloured Vinyl LP.

Much acclaimed as the Heads finest album. Originally released in 2000, then remastered and reissued in 2014, now sold out on any format. Comes with WAV/FLAC DL codes.

Broken hands, lost Rickenbackers, and sliced tendons aside, The Heads – Simon Price (guitar, vocals), Hugo Morgan (bass), Wayne Maskell (drums) and Paul Allen (guitar) – hit many highs during this time. The first British band to release records on Frank Kozik’s famed Man’s Ruin label, (the ‘Delwyn’s Conkers’ and ‘Mao Tinitus’ 10”s) recorded two Radio 1 sessions (Mark Radcliffe and their second John Peel session), featured on various “scene-defining” compilations and toured Europe and US West Coast.
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere is the bands favourite album. It represents the full force of The Heads’ psychedelic pummel, their trippiest most psyche collection, brutal yet beautiful. Strap in. Let go.

Tracklisting: The Heads – Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere

1. Legavaan Satellite
2. Thumbs
3. Fuego
4. Kraut Byrds
5. Could Be…
6. #’75
7. Wobble
8. Barcoded
9. Song No 1
10. My My
11. Stab Railroad
12. Chrome Plated
13. Motorjam
14. Dirty Water
15. Pill Jam
16. Long Gone – Have a Listen

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