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L.A. Witch, Translucent Pink Vinyl, CD, Suicide Squeeze

Although L.A. Witch hail from Los Angeles, they do not partake in any sort of witchcraft. Yet their ability to conjure a specific time and place through their sound does suggest a kind of magic. On their eponymous debut album, L.A. Witch’s reverb drenched guitar jangle and sultry vocals conjure the analogue sound of a collector’s prized 45 from some short lived footnote cult band. The melodies forgo the bubblegum pop for a druggy haze that straddles the line between seedy glory and ominous balladry, the production can’t afford Phil Spector’s wall of sound but the instruments’ simple beauty provides an economic grace that renders studio trickery unnecessary. The lyrics seem more descendent of Johnny Cash’s first person morality tales than the vacuous empty gestures of pre fab pop bands. This isn’t music for the masses, it’s music for miscreants, burnouts, down and out dreamers and obsessive historians.

Album opener Kill My Baby Tonight is the perfect introduction to the band’s marriage of 60s girls in the garage charm and David Lynch’s surreal exposés of Southern California’s underbelly. Sade Sanchez’s black velvet vocals disguise the malicious intent of this murder ballad, with the thumping pulse of bassist Irita Pai, the slow burn build of drummer Ellie English and Sanchez’s desert guitar twang helping beguile the listener into becoming a willing accomplice to the narrator’s crimes.

Brian follows the opening track with a similarly graceful, if not somewhat ominous, slow mo take on a well worn jukebox 7”. It’s a vibe that permeates the entire album, from the early psychedelic hue of 13th Floor Elevators on tracks like You Love Nothing, through the motorik beat and fuzzed out licks of Drive Your Car, to the grittier permutation of Mazzy Star’s sleepy beauty on Baby In Blue Jeans.

LP pressed on translucent pink vinyl with digital download coupon.

Tracklisting, L.A. Witch

1. Kill My Baby Tonight
2. Brian
3. Untitled
4. You Love Nothing
5. Drive Your Car
6. Baby In Blue Jeans
7. Feel Alright
8. Good Guys
9. Get Lost

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