Lor – Lunar Orbit Rendezvous

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Lor – Lunar Orbit Rendezvous. Released via Lo Recordings. Formats – Vinyl LP, CD.

In a LOR mission, a main spacecraft and a smaller lunar lander travel to lunar orbit. The lunar lander then independently descends to the surface of the Moon, while the main spacecraft remains in lunar orbit. After completion of the mission there, the lander returns to lunar orbit to rendezvous and re-dock with the main spacecraft. Only the main spacecraft returns to Earth.

Tracklisting: Lor – Lunar Orbit Rendezvous

1. Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
2. Communication
3. Objects Placed in Earth Orbit
4. Journey
5. Dreams Under a Stellar Roof
6. Command Module – Have a Listen
7. In Approach
8. Elliptical Orbit Around The Moon
9. Exploration
10. Return

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