Mac Quayle, Mr Robot OTS Vol 3, Double Coloured Vinyl LP, Std Double Vinyl LP, CD.

Mr Robot’s Emmy winning (and three times nominee) composer Mac Quayle improves on perfection with this latest instalment of music from the critically acclaimed hit TV series ‘Mr Robot: Season 2’.

Mac Quayle’s previous credits include ‘Drive’, ‘Only God Forgives’ and ‘Spring Breakers’ with Cliff Martinez.

Custom illustrated jacket concept and design by award winning art director John Bergin.

Double LP in a gatefold sleeve – crystal clear vinyl with white and red splatter or black vinyl.

The LP gatefold image is a 16bit rendering of Elliot’s ‘neighborhood’.
Liner notes by composer Mac Quayle.

Fold-out 12” × 24” poster of 16bit ‘Mr Robot’ characters.

Tracklisting, Mac Quayle, Mr Robot OTS Vol 3

1. 2.0_1-s4ve-the-w0rld.act
2. 2.0_2-FuxSocy.sln
3. 2.0_3-j0urnaling.ivs
4. 2.0_4-control-1s-an-illusion.amr
5. 2.0_5-infiniteloop0finsanity.vox
6. 2.0_6-madame3xecutioner.oga
7. 2.0_7-jester-actual.dss
8. 2.0_8-confid3nce.dct
9. 2.0_9-unexpectedpresents.m4b
10. 2.0_10-masktakesover.sln
11. 2.0_11-music-b0x.mmf
12. 2.1_1-prisoner-of-paranoia.ivs
13. 2.2_1-hidinginplainsight.awb
14. 2.2_2-annihil4tion.dct
15. 2.2_3-existence.opus
16. 2.2_4-mightbe0wned.tta
17. 2.2_5-divinity.iklax
18. 2.3_1-steel-v4lley.webm
19. 2.3_2-di3with4nswers.dvf
20. 2.3_3-fuckgutinstinct.act
21. 2.3_4-midland-city.oga
22. 2.3_5-pun1shm3nt.ape
23. 2.4_1-heartworm.3gp
24. 2.4_2-m4ster-s1ave.msv

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