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Very pleased to be working with Prettiest Eyes. I first saw them ages ago at the Satellite and they were cake-takers that night. Now, they are stronger and weirder than ever.

I couldn’t believe this new batch of tunes and their bananas energylive show and, their fans are hard-core heads, just a soup of dance and mouths agog. Brutal, fractured, pogoing beats played by Pachy [Garcia], also the singer, belching out vocal smoke rings in the laser light above the din—they are flat out commands, militaristic in their delivery and yetcatchy, like you like em. Marcos, an extro-sensual bassist who climbs inside of your mind-clothes while grinding out aggressively greasy throbs and pulls and Paco, the keyboardist, who at times plays reeling wailing lines that could be mistaken for a number of other instruments…and thehair on this dude! I have a hard time remembering how nice his face is offstage, all you can see is a whip wigging out.

They are captivating, they are odd, they make strange and interesting choices. Futuristic and yet drawn from the same sonic sludge that all mankind derives from, they live and breathe early Los Angeles-punk vibeswhile still innovating at every turn. There is electricity in this sound, they simply rule and what a pleasure to hear Pools doesn’t stray far from what makes them just melt it in person.

Recorded perfectly to harness the animal on a nice inanimate slab of plastic you can take home.  —John Dwyer

Tracklisting, Prettiest Eyes, Pools.

1. Don?t Call
2. Mire Nena
3. Pools
4. No Hands Pete
5. Dandy
6. Untitled
7. See Saw
8. Gold Snake
9. Let Me Touch
10. Prance
11. Uncut
12. A Sweet Song

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