The Courtneys – The Courtneys reissued again on standard Vinyl LP and limited edition blue Vinyl LP.

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Vancouver three-piece The Courtneys’ excellent 2013 self-titled debut reissued and available again on Flying Nun Records.

Consistently propelling itself forward this collection of eight songs are drenched in summer hooks propelled from fuzzed out guitars and creamy vocals that are both nonchalant and introspective.

Not having enough money in your bank account, crushing on pizza delivery boys along with the subtle yet alluring charm of Keanu Reeves all occupy the three Courtney’s minds with lo-fi urgency which doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

It is clear to hear why The Courtneys’ felt at home in New Zealand when they first toured there in the summer of 2015 and joined the Flying Nun roster. Their commitment to the fine balance of pop and idiosyncratic indie guitar music finds lineage between The Clean, Look Blue Go Purple, The Bats while diving deeper into the fuzzy world of the likes of Bailerspace. “The lyrics are often smart, resonant, and at times existential; the musicianship is tight, the hooks are sharp, the song craft is dynamic” Pitchfork //
“Alive with fuzzed-up jangle and artful pop that makes for both good daytime listening and solitary nighttime repeat play” Rookie…….

Tracklisting, The Courtneys

1. Nu Sunday
2. Manion
3. Insufficient Funds
4. 90120
5. Delivery Boy
6. Dead Dog
7. KC Reeves
8. Social Anxiety

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